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Ash2Phos is an innovative solution turning incinerated sludge ash into high-value commercial products. Through a series of wet chemical process steps, clean phosphorous, iron and aluminium products can be produced with a minimal amount of by-products. The entire process operates at room temperature, 1 atm and uses only commonly available chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, lime and lye.

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The CleanMAP technology enables cost effective production of pure and well defined mono ammonium-phosphate (MAP) or di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) of technical grade. The cadmium content in the ammonium phosphate product is below 1 mg Cd/Kg P and the CleanMAP technology can be integrated in existing production lines, replacing existing production lines or in new plants.

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EasyMining’s patented Ash2Salt process is an unique process that can extract commercial salts from high chlorine containing fly ashes. After washing, the ash residue can be land filled without an exemption for high chloride contents. The Ash2Salt process can extract commercial grade KCl, NaCl, CaCl2 and aqueous ammonia or ammonium sulphate.

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RE-Fertilize is a new patented technology that enables a fully circular solution to societies nitrogen streams. By using a chemical sorption agent, nitrogen can be captured in a fully chemical process. This sorption agent can then be recovered and at the same time convert the nitrogen into commercial fertilizer. This renders traditional biochemical processes superfluous and allows for a fully circular movement of nitrogen in society.

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EasyMining at COP25 in Madrid

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Recycling sewage sludge ash while producing sustainable concrete

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EasyMining's circular nitrogen removal technology secures 19 MSEK

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Ragn-Sells board visits EasyMining in Uppsala

The board of Ragn-Sells had a very successful visit at EasyMining…

We are happy welcome two new Process Engineers to Easymining's team!

We are happy to welcome Peter Hörmander and Filipe Guimaraes…

LKAB invests 4.3 million Euro in two pilot plants based on EasyMining's CleanMAP technology

LKAB has decided to invest 4.3 million Euro in two pilot plants…

Another new resource strengthens EasyMining’s R&D team

We are happy to welcome Daniel Boman to Easymining’s team…

Why choose our technologies?


Environmentally friendly

Commercial & clean products

Low waste

Low energy consumption

Favorable mass balances