EasyMining’s circular nitrogen removal technology secures 19 MSEK

EasyMining has been granted a 19 MSEK investment from the European Union’s LIFE programme for commercializing its patented method for removing nitrogen from sewage water. The circular solution enables water treatment facilities to capture nitrogen and put it to use as a fertilizer, thereby reducing emissions of greenhouse gas.

– We are happy and honored to have the EU invest in our innovation, contributing to making nitrogen removal circular in Sweden and Europe. EasyMining’s technology puts to use the nitrogen compounds we have already produced, and helps to reduce marine eutrophication, says Anna Lundbom, who has headed the LIFE programme application process at the Ragn-Sells Group.

The technology has been developed and patented world-wide by Ragn-Sells’ innovation company EasyMining. Water with a high nitrogen content, for example in municipal sewage treatment facilities, is treated with an agent which crystallizes the nitrogen and causes it to precipitate. The nitrogen is then extracted from the crystals and may be used again in agriculture, where nitrogen is one of the key nutrients in commercial fertilizer. This offsets the need to produce virgin nitrogen compounds, thereby reducing the climate footprint of farming.
– When waste-water treatment plants use our method, they reduce their emissions of nitrogen compounds to nearby water, they reduce their climate footprint, and they save tax payer money. They do this by recovering nitrogen, a valuable nutrient, and making a real contribution towards a circular economy, says EasyMining CEO Jan Svärd.

Today’s nitrogen removal methods commonly release the nitrogen back into the air instead of recovering it. These methods typically use bacteria to separate nitrogen from the water, which also causes emissions of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), a powerful greenhouse gas which speeds up climate change 300 times more efficiently than carbon dioxide. The adsorption agent which crystallizes the nitrogen in the Ragn-Sells process is neither emitted nor consumed, but continually reused.
The project is a partnership between EasyMining, Denmark’s largest waste-water treatment company BIOFOS, Lantmännen, and Ragn-Sells’ Treatment & Detox business area. In the first phase of the project, the construction of pilot facilities is planned, and in three years, the patent will be ready for full commercialization. In addition to the use in waste-water treatment facilities, the method will also be used to treat runoff from landfills.

Through the LIFE programme, the European Union is allocating 3.4 billion euros to environmental and climate-related projects between 2014 and 2020.

Fact sheet: The process EasyMining’s nitrogen removal process is chemical in nature, as opposed to the bacterial methods commonly used in waste-water treatment plants in Sweden and Europe today. Water with a high nitrogen content, such as the water produced from de-watering of sewage sludge, is treated with an adsorption agent, which causes the nitrogen to crystallize and precipitate. Next, the nitrogen is extracted from the crystals and may be used again, while the adsorption agent is circulated back into the process.
The method can be used on any water which contains ammonium. The EU-backed project encompasses use in waste-water treatment facilities as well as runoff from landfills. Additional possible use includes treatment of manure, and liquids from biogas production facilities.

For more information, please contact
Jan Svärd, CEO, EasyMining, +46 70 978 64 74, jan.svard@ragnsells.com

Ragn-Sells Media Services,+46 70 927 24 00, medialinjen@ragnsells.com

Ragn-Sells board visits EasyMining in Uppsala

The board of Ragn-Sells had a very successful visit at EasyMining to view the new finalized pilot facility in Uppsala as well as discussing the upcoming Ash2Phos full-scale factory.

LKAB invests 4.3 million Euro in two pilot plants based on EasyMining’s CleanMAP technology

LKAB has decided to invest 4.3 million Euro in two pilot plants for extraction of near technical grade MAP (mono-ammonium phosphate) and REE (rare earth elements). The core technology is based on EasyMining’s CleanMAP technology and we are happy to see LKAB’s recognition of the technology’s value. A full scale plant is planned to produce 500% of Sweden’s yearly demand of phosphorus from mineral fertilizers, as well as 2% of the world’s production of rare earth metals. In addition to MAP and REE the process can produce gypsum, magnesium hydroxide and fluorosilicates.

Read more in English here and in Swedish here.

Another new resource strengthens EasyMining’s R&D team

We are happy to welcome Daniel Boman to Easymining’s team in Uppsala. He obtained his masters degree in chemical engineering at Uppsala Unniversity in 2018 and will foremost work with our Ash2Phos technology, as a chemical process development engineer.

EasyMining and BIOFOS enter partnership on phosphorus recovery in Denmark

EasyMining and the Danish company BIOFOS have signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) for long-term cooperation on phosphorous recovery from incinerated sewage sludge. Biofos has today around 280 000 ton of mono-incinerated sewage sludge on their landfills and are producing around 8000 ton yearly. The partnership will focus on 20 000 tons per year for 20 years. Fully implemented can the partnership reduce Denmark’s imports of the critical raw material phosphorus by up to 10 percent.

You can read Biofos press-release here, and our mothercompany Ragnsells here.

A new resource strengthens EasyMining’s R&D team

We are happy to welcome Angela Van Der Werf to Easymining’s team in Uppsala. She obtained her PhD degree in organic chemistry from Stockholm University in 2018 and will among other things work with developing and optimizing our CleanMAP process, as a chemical process development engineer.

EasyMining starts up an office in Gothenburg and welcomes a new team member

From the first of November has EasyMining an office in Gothenburg. The R&D department will continue to be in Uppsala, but the project engineering team will be focused in Gothenburg. We are also welcoming Kjell Broqvist to our engineering team in Gothenburg. Kjell has extensive knowledge of project management and erection of chemical plants and will in the future focus on our Ash2Phos process.

A new resource strengthens EasyMining’s chemical development team

We are happy to welcome Hugo Royen to Easymining’s team in Uppsala. He has a chemical background and will initially work with developing and optimizing our CleanMAP process as a chemical process development engineer.

Ragn-Sells and Gelsenwasser enter partnership on phosphorus recovery in Germany

EasyMining, a subsidiary of the Swedish environmental company Ragn-Sells, has signed a letter of intent with the German utilities company Gelsenwasser AG. Under the agreement, a pilot study will be carried out with the objective to create a facility for phosphorus recovery from incinerated sewage sludge in Germany, based on EasyMining’s patented Ash2Phos technology.

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