From phosphate mines, phosphate rock is produced and shipped to fertilizer industries. The fertilizer industry is traditionally using large amounts of energy when producing highly concentrated phosphoric acid from the phosphate rock. The phosphoric acid is thereafter used as a raw material for different types of phosphate fertilizers.


A substantial part of the fertilizer industry’s operational cost (energy) comes from the need concentrating for phosphoric acid through water evaporation. The processes also often lack the ability to remove heavy metals, such as, cadmium from the end product.


The CleanMAP Technology enables cost effective production of pure and well defined mono ammonium-phosphate (MAP) or di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), of technical grade(i.e.fully water soluble). The cadmium content in the ammonium phosphate product is below 1 mg Cd/Kg P. The CleanMAP technology can be integrated parallel in existing production line, replacing existing production line or in new plants.