EU-life programme


EU LIFE projekt, LIFE18 ENV/SE/000265

Project title:
Demonstration of a unique cleaning and recovery process for ammonia/nitrogen, enabling 100% recycled fertilizer products


Coordinating beneficiary: Easymining Sweden AB
Associated beneficiaries: BIOFOS A/S (Denmark), Lantmännen ek. för. (Sweden), Ragn-Sells Avfallsbehandling AB (Sweden)

Project budget

Total project budget: 3,625,349 Euro
Total eligible project budget: 3,382,849 Euro
EU financial contribution requested: 1,860,565 Euro

Project duration

2019-07-01 until 2022-06-30


Water including marine environment

Objectives of the project

The overall goal of the project is to demonstrate a new, innovative cleaning and recovery process for ammonia/nitrogen, which can be used for a number of different ammonia products (e.g. fertilizers).

The highly innovative process will be tested under practical conditions (at a pilot scale), treating ammonium-nitrogen-containing wastewater in a municipal WWTP and leachate at a landfill, by precipitating ammonia in form of struvite with an adsorbent, containing both magnesium and phosphorus, which, in a second step, is used to produce climate neutral nitrogen fertilizer products. The adsorbent is recovered and re-used for struvite precipitation.

We close the loop for ammonia/nitrogen by offering a 100% recycled product that can replace fertilizers made with synthetized ammonia in Haber-Bosch process. The recovered nutrients will be free from pollutants and of the same quality of today’s mineral fertilizers. EasyMining’s technology thereby allows for massive benefits in regards to environmental impact and sustainability.

Two high ammonium-containing applications will be targeted, 1) side streams produced from the anaerobic digestion of sludge from urban wastewater´s primary and secondary treatment at WWTPs, and 2) leachate water, ammonium containing, from landfills.

At application 1 and 2 the water treatment unit (N-catchment) will be tested, precipitating ammonium present into the effluents. Associated is the regeneration unit (N-conversion) where the nutrient precipitate is converted to commercial fertilizer products and the adsorbent chemical is regenerated for re-use in the water treatment unit. At application 2 also the N-conversion unit will be tested.

The project contains the following sub-objectives:

  • Validation of the recycling process by upscaling from lab scale to pilot scale (i.e. ~10 % of a full scale level) in order to secure and validate the optimal design for and set-up of future full scale plants (to be rolled out across the EU after the project).
  • Validation of the market potential by working closely with trial customers (Biofos A/S, Ragn-Sells and Lantmännen) from our value chain to demonstrate and validate the process and end products. The recycled nutrients will be used in downstream products to verify functional properties and make sure that production runs smoothly in preparation for a future market take-up.
  • To present and disseminate the project’s results to problem-owners in Europe.